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Questions on Mobile Terminal Wireless Charge

What is mobile wireless usage charge?

Mobile Wireless Usage Charge is a charge, which every active GSM subscriber is obliged to pay the State for technical supervision and similar services according to Article 63 of Law 6/2012, Electronic Communications Law, and according to By-law on Mobile Terminal Wireless Charges that entered into force on 20.12.2012 with Issue: 670.

When did the charging begin?

Mobile terminal wireless charge application began on 01.09.2013. While the charge is included in the first bill of 01.09.2013 term in post paid lines, its equivalent is decreased from the vouchers in pre-paid lines on 01.10.2013.

How much is mobile wireless usage charge?

Mobile Wireless Usage Charge is 0.95 TL in accordance with the related legislation and it is added in the bill of each related month for post paid lines and it is collected under "Mobile Wireless Usage Charge" title. In pre-paid lines it is collected by decreasing 14.62 vouchers, in exchange of 0.95 TL, from the remaining vouchers on the first day of each related month and after the voucher is decreased, the subscribers are sent an informative SMS.

Is it taken from all mobile lines?

Mobile Terminal Wireless Usage Charge is collected from all active subscribers by GSM operators on behalf of BTHK. In line with the authority given from Article 63 (3) (A) of Electronic Communications Law, Information Technologies and Communication Board decided not to receive charge from POS machines, vehicle tracking system, mobile internet, data, telemetry and hand terminals for term 2013 on account of supporting new emerging technologies and its direct effects on processes for transition into information society.

What does active subscriber mean?

According to 'By-law on Mobile Terminal Wireless Charges', which was entered into force on 20.12.2012 with Issue: 670, in accordance with Article 63 of Law 6/2012, Electronic Communications Law, any subscriber, which made out call or received a call or sent an SMS or made data service identity correction in the last three months

Does the mobile wireless usage charge taken from the subscribers of a definite operator?

No, it is collected from the post paid and pre-paid subscribers of KKTC Telsim and Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell, which are the licences GSM operators that operate in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

I am a pre-paid line user; if I do not have enough vouchers in my line how the charge is collected?

If you don't have enough vouchers in your line, the amount that could not be collected remains as debt for the next period and your total debt automatically decreases from your vouchers when you install voucher for the first time after the debt. For example, if 14.62 vouchers cannot be taken in October, the amount for both October and November, which is 29.2 vouchers, will be collected from your line.