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Duties and powers of the Authority


  • To receive applications on operating electronic communication networks and/or providing electronic communication services, to assess and authorize such applications
  • To receive frequency and numbering applications, to assess and allocate them
  • To determine the quality of the services that will be offered by service providers
  • To carry out numbering plan and to ensure its usage to be efficient and productive
  • Planning and management of spectrum, allocation and coordination of frequencies and determining enrolment

Establishing and Protecting Competition

  • To establish and protect competition in the sector
  • To make regulations for eliminating applications, which prevent, damage or restrict competition
  • To monitor and to investigate violations that are created in electronic communications sector and to impose sanctions

Regulation and Inspection

  • To conduct market analysis for the sector
  • To impose additional corrective measures for communication service providers having the significant market power
  • To monitor and inspect those that operate in the sector to respect the legislation
  • If there is a contradiction, to impose fines and other sanctions on procedures envisaged by the legislation
  • To carry out monitoring and inspecting with the necessary regulations including the conditions of authorization, tariffs, access, authority to enter, numbering, spectrum management, permitting to install and use wireless devices and services, monitoring and inspecting spectrum and monitoring and inspection of the market
  • To issue documents of convenience for network and terminal hardware that are used in electronic communication
  • To monitor and inspect the quality and standards of the service in the sector
  • To develop, publish and monitor standards for technical hardware and wireless transmitters that are being used in the electronic communication sector and to make them being abided

Protecting the Consumer Rights

  • To monitor the necessary regulations on processing the rights of subscribers, users, consumers and end users and personal information as well as protecting confidentiality and to make inspections


  • To create open procedures to solve the disputes between communication service providers and the disputes between the communication service providers and users on access, interconnection or other regulated matters

Technical Regulation and Standardization

  • To carry out general measures on the usage of channels and frequency bands and technical and operational features of transmitted electromagnetic signals and to check and inspect them
  • To determine and restrain unauthorized wireless transmitters and high frequency electromagnetic emission and wireless interference resources and to make efforts for solving other problems on the efficient usage of wireless spectrum
  • In order to encourage the efficient and high quality usage of wireless frequency spectrum by different types of wireless transmitters in electronic communication to ensure that the present locations are used efficiently, to coordinate locating of all kind of radio transmitters
  • To take the measures that are determined with the legislation to ensure that the national security, public order or public service is protected enough in electronic communication sector


  • To follow developments in electronic communication sector and to make the necessary researches to encourage the development of the sector