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An amendment was made to the Customs And Manufacturing Law-2022 Temporary Imports (Higher Education Students Personal Goods) Regulation.

April 27, 2022


In the Official Gazette dated 26.04.2022 and numbered 88, an amendment was made to the CUSTOMS AND MANUFACTURING LAW-2022 TEMPORARY IMPORTS (HIGHER EDUCATION STUDENTS PERSONAL GOODS) (CHANGE) REGULATION.

500.- TL (Five Hundred Turkish Lira) customs tax is collected with a fixed tax application for one mobile phone. This right cannot be re-used within two years (24 months). If the device is transferred before 24 months and/or used with a GSM number that does not belong to the owner and/or is used by a person who does not have the right, the device will be blocked, and a 50% penalty will be added to all the taxes, duties, fees and funds to be paid. The device can be unblocked for use again.