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    Members of the Board

    Chairman of the Board – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kadri Bürüncük

    He was born in 1965 in Gönyeli. He completed Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctorate programs of Eastern Mediterranean University Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering respectively in 1990, 1993 and 1999 and graduated. He did his military service in 1998-2000. He served as instructor in Near East University Electric and Electronic Engineering between 2000-2008 and 2012-2013. He received his associate professorship title in 2007. As well as being an instructor, he had various administrative duties such as being the vice head of department and deputy dean. He has been a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Chamber of Electronic Engineers since 1992. He had been the Chairman of Telecommunication Supreme Board among 2008-2011. He was appointed for the Chairman of Information Technologies and Communication Authority on June 2013 and he has been continuing this duty since then. He is married and has one child.

    Vice Chairman of the Board – Okan Donangil 

    He was born in 1967 in İstanbul. After graduating form Turk Maarif Koleji, he completed his bachelor degree in 1990, on Computer Science at King Fahd University. In 2005, he graduated from the Master's program in Computer Engineering at Near East University. He has work experince as a Director in the private sector. He is a Lecturer at Near East University Computer Engineering Department since 1993. He was the President of the Basketball Federation between the years 2008-2014. He is also a national athlete.

    Member of the Board – Vehbi Aktün

    He was born in 1969 in Nicosia. In 1993, he graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and in 1996, he completed his Master's degree in the same department. Between 2000 and 2011, he worked as a technical support and service engineer in GSM mobile network management systems abroad. He has knowledge and experience about Electronic Certificate (e-signature). Between 2012 and 2015, he served as a board member at BTHK. In May 2019, he was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors for a second time.

    Member of the Board – Assis. Prof. Dr. Ümit İlhan

    He was born on October 26, 1955. After graduating from Nicosia Turkish High School in 1973, he continued his education in London, England. After graduating from Computer Science (Politechnic of Central London) in 1981, he worked in London for a while. In 1983 he made a definite return to the island. Between 1983-86, he gave computer courses approved by the Ministry of National Education in private courses. Between 1986-90, he worked in the computer sales and service operating at Birinci Holding. In 1990-95 he worked in sales, service and commercial program development at Bircom Ltd. He was involved in the development and implementation of banking software since the establishment of Hürbank in Cyprus in 1995. Until 2003, he worked as the information manager of the bank. From 1990 to 2003, he worked as a part-time instructor at the Near East University Computer Informatics and Computer Engineering departments. Since 2003, he has been working as a full-time instructor at the Near East University Computer Engineering Department. In 2007, he completed his PhD on Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic. In 2008, he was promoted to assistant professor. Between 2008-2017, he worked as the Director of the School of Near East University and between 2008-2016 he served as the Vice Dean of the Near East University Engineering Department. He is married and has two children.

    Member of the Board – Feridun Üstün

    He was born in Nicosia in 1963. He graduated from Türk Maarif Koleji in 1981 and Hacettepe University Department of Electronic Engineering in 1985. He graduated from Hacettepe University Department of Electronic Engineering in 1987. After completing his doctorate courses at Middle East Technical University, he returned to Cyprus in 1989. He worked as a research assistant at Hacettepe University between 1985-89. He worked as a lecturer at Eastern Mediterranean University between 1989-92. He worked as a Physics-Math Teacher between 1992-2007. He retired in February 2019. He served as Vice Chairman of the Board for Evaluation and Acquisition of Information of the Prime Ministry and member of the Executive Committee of e-government.

    Member of the Board – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Toycan received his BSc degree from the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University, in 2004. He received the M.Sc. degree in telecommunications & information systems and PhD degree in Electronics from University of Essex, Colchester, U.K, in 2005 and 2009 respectively. He had received a doctoral training award from European Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in 2005 for his PhD degree. During his PhD degree, he was a member of Access Networks Laboratory, department of Computer and Electronic Systems at University of Essex. He was also involved in the Network of Excellence, BONE-project ("Building the Future Optical Network in Europe”) where he was collaborating with groups from other universities to develop efficient, low-cost optical access network architectures. His current research interests are in the fields of cost and energy efficient, scalable optical access networks for FTTH scenarios featuring wireless communication transmission and implant antenna designs for wireless health monitoring applications. In addition, his information systems research team is recently working on electronic health solutions for developing countries. He is currently working as a full-time lecturer, director of Communication Technologies Research Center and Vice-Rector of Education & Research in Cyprus International University. He is also an active member for the board of directors of Chamber of Electrical Engineers, North-Cyprus.

    Member of the Board – Aytaç Çerkez

    He was born in 1969 in Famagusta. He graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Degree in 1992, and completed his Master's degree from the same department in 1995. Between the years 1995-2000, he carried out research assistant and doctoral studies in the subject of computer networks. Between the years 2000 – 2003 he worked as an experienced engineer in the fields of Project Support, Internet Services and Computer Networks at Eastern Mediterranean University Computer Center Directorate. In 2003, he completed his military service. Between 2004-2008, he worked as a Project Support and Internet Services department manager at Eastern Mediterranean University Computer Center Directorate. Since 2008, he is the director of Computer Center Directorate of Eastern Mediterranean University. In addition to being an international network instructor on network management and information technologies service management specialist, he holds various international certificates. Between the years 2008-2011 he was a member of Kamunet Supreme Board and Telecommunication Supreme Board memberships. He is married and has one child.